That One Chick Doing Things


Hello friends, neighbors, countrymen and hard-core high-fivers! Welcome to the landing page for Kristin Sullivan, or R.D. Sullivan, or Govneh. This is the best place to keep track of what the three of them…or whoever…god this gives me a headache… is up to!

Kristin Sullivan is an actress, screen writer, and stand-up comedienne. You can currently see her most Monday nights at the Maltese in Chico, CA, or on theĀ Cement Shoe Media YouTube page.

R.D. Sullivan is a writer & screen writer. You can read her work at Fireside Fiction Magazine and at Shotgun Honey, or head over to the Free Stories tab (coming soon!) and get a taste!

And Govneh, well… She tells dick jokes on Twitter. Follow her there, find her on Snapchat as Govneh Sullivan and over on Instagram as _govneh_ .

It’s all a work in progress, but great things start with small pushes. Thank you for being here in the beginning, for sticking around, and you’ll be remembered at the finish line.