All Hallows Poem

Holy shit you guys, I found a halloween poem I wrote…I think in grade school? I’m so amused with it, I’m giving it to you. I think there was more, but I can’t find the last page. Sorry!

Twas the night of All Hallows
And all through the house
Everything was stirring
Except for a spouse

She lay on the bed
With a knife in her head
While little Hell’s demons
Danced ’round the dead

A boy was screaming
His mind full of fear
As the midnight zombies
Drew increasingly near

When all of the sudden
There sounded a splatter
The feasting were-beasties
Rose to see the fresh dinner platter

The witch on her broom
Had flew up too high
She hit the moon
And fell out of the sky

Crazed animals ran wild
Trampling anything alive
As the aquatic Nessy creatures
To the lake they did dive

The wizards entranced
Everything in their path
Although only to sunrise
Would these magic spells last

The angels emerged
The halos were stole
Beasts were enjoying
Their new Frisbees of gold

All the creatures came out
This one night of the year
To show dislike for mortals
And raise all types of fear

As the sun started rising
The vampires did melt
The werewolves felt skin
Replacing their pelts

Some creatures returned
To the closet they hid
Whilst some went back
To hide under your bed

The night was over
The damage was done
All goblins counting days
To next Halloween’s fun

Next night of the dead
All the kiddies will fall
Into their beds
Under the covers they’ll crawl


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