A Bad Idea in the Midst of Worst


I’ve intended to start this project, on this day, for a month or two now. And now that the day has finally arrived, I barely remembered that I even had a blog, let alone make the flagship Project Post before the clock strikes midnight again.

Exhausted, depressed, and whiskied, here it goes:

Because I clearly have spades of time on my  hands, I want to pass thoughts out into the void here at Govneh.Wordpress, at the alarming, hurtling rate of one a day. Starting now. Or…now. How about…now?

Some will be long, some will be short, but the point is for them to happen. This is #1, starting April 3rd, 2013. If I can keep my word, the daily posts will continue until April 3rd, 2014.

So, dear void, I hope you enjoy. Laugh with me, cry with me, but above all else, keep on keepin’ on, you crazy black expanse, you.


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