Avoid Writing, Much?

So I’m starting this new novel, complete with outlined Plot and Characters and Things That Happen and all that jazz.

I tried to start right away last night, but between the hours I spent in the truck, the exhaustion and the whiskey, I just stared at the new, fresh, blank document until this fell out of my head. Enjoy.

A blank white sheet

And here it sits

Waiting for the words

I promised it

I know the story

I know the plot

I know the sex

I know it’s hot

But here the page

Sits still pristine

Cursor blinking

Mocking me

What am I doing

What do I do

What would you do

If I were you?


3 thoughts on “Avoid Writing, Much?

    1. Yeah! I’m very excited about this one, it’s definitely more complicated and it’ll be third person, which opens it up to a lot more viewpoints and other characters. It’ll be crime fiction rather than fantasy, too, which will be a change-up and a first for me. The first novel is going through it’s second revisions and beta readers and, depending what they say, I’ll either burn it or keep fixing.
      And thanks-it’s like poetry is what my brain does when it’s avoiding everything else.

  1. I fear the blank page so I trick my brain with yellow paper. On my phone I start writing in Notes on the yellow paper (and it fits less words on a screen than Pages so it’s hard to tell how much I’ve written) and then I paste into Pages once a page is full. 🙂

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