Like A Dog

Here’s a quick thought for you:
When we took our small dog, Wallace, to obedience classes, the trainer taught us that to have a truly well-behaved dog you have to exhaust them both physically and mentally. A dog that has played all day will still cause trouble if it hasn’t been mentally exercised. A dog who’s been in training all day may be mentally exhausted, but it’s still full of energy.


In a weird way, as someone whose brain never takes a break, I’ve found this lesson to be more useful for myself than for Wallace. Over the last few months, I’ve been working on writing, poetry, blogs, podcasts and website building. In addition, I’ve been training for 5/10K races and a Tough Mudder in July.
And what I’ve noticed is that if I can do both in a day, if I can work mentally at something creative in the same day that I push my body to near failure while working out, my brain does something weird.
It shuts up.
It leaves me alone for a while.
It’s like the relief of giving back a particularly needy child or dog after sitting for someone, that peace that comes when nothing needs your attention at the moment. Everything feels right and in balance for a while-my brain stops making up stories, it stops remembering all the things I need to do, it stops demanding my full attention. I’m not used to it being quiet at all but I have no complaints.
Anyone have any similar experiences?


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