Kalifornia Katie

I just wanted to take a moment to direct you to a beautiful person in my life. Openly I’ll admit that there’s some bias, she is my little sister, but even without that I’d still consider her pretty awesome.

2012-08-10 04.18.27

From the time she was little, Katie wanted to professionally race motorcycles. Our father indulged her and at 18, she started hitting some of the professional races. It’s always been a tentative endeavor; the common wisdom was “get out there, show that you can compete and the money will come!” Unfortunately, she’s been racing during the worst of the bad economy and the money just hasn’t shown up, despite all our hopes.

I don’t believe Katie is done racing, but her future on the track is up in the air. Always a father & daughter race team, some things have changed this year that have made it hard for my dad to keep going to the races. Katie wants to continue and I’m sure is going to do her damnedest to be out there, but at this point, she plans to park her motorcycle for a while.

That aside, holy shit my little sister flies! At her last race in Gainseville, Florida, she went 192 MPH in a quarter mile. On a motorcycle. Her total elapsed time was 6.919 seconds to travel that quarter mile, and she missed qualifying by 0.009 seconds. Can you contemplate how tiny of a margin that is?! To top it all off, she’s racing after falling off her bike at 170MPH last year. She got a little road rash. Her bike hit the guardrail, went over, and broke into two or three pieces. If I remembered correctly, she got back on another motorcycle the very next day. How many kick-ass women like that do you know?

Even without the racing, Katie is a phenomenal person. Always being one to want to make the world better, she’s been working with the organization Girls For A Change  to encourage and inspire young women to be the positive agent of change for themselves and their communities. For years, she’s said that one of her deepest desires is to start her own non-profit to help people, tied in with her racing. Katie is one of those people who could work forever helping people, not making much money but completely happy.

On top of those, Katie runs her own graphics business, Tough Girl Designs. She makes vinyl graphics, magnets, stickers, does design work, and is trying to work her way in to designing T-shirts. And while racing and running her own business, Katie completed an AS in Business Administration.

In the face of trying to figure out what comes next for herself, Katie flew out to Charlotte, North Carolina this morning to attend her last scheduled race before she possibly brings all her stuff back to the west coast. As much as I’d like a sponsor to step up, right now, I can’t make that happen. What I can do instead is tell you about Katie, and hope you’ll tune in and cheer her on this weekend. If you want to find out more about her, check out her NHRA Blog. She’s on twitter as KaliKatie, the race results can be checked and the announcing listened to over at The National Hot Rod Association’s site. Qualifying will be broadcast on ESPN2 Saturday at 7PM Eastern, and eliminations will air Sunday at 7PM as well.

And, at the very least, drop her a tweet @KaliKatie or leave a comment on her facebook page and wish her luck this weekend.

2012-08-16 21.56.39

Love you Katie, hope you have a blast this weekend. Go fast, hold on tight.


2 thoughts on “Kalifornia Katie

  1. class act always! hard worker always! driven and ambitious. Mark Pettersen, owner, Pettersen Motorsports Inc. Chico Ca. 530-343-5007 for reference info

  2. This has brought me to tears. I love getting to read and learn more about ladies who want to get involved in racing and to know Katie is one of them it makes me wish I could throw her money to race the rest of this season! But with Katie’s heart and mind, her racing time will come! She is the one I am pulling for this weekend and hope she can put her bike in the winners circle! Btw I am glad to know she has her own business in making stickers and such because I will be contacting her for some 🙂 thanks for sharing this story!

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