A Quick Thought on Parenting

My kid is going through a period of what I call Toddler Deafness. It’s not even like he acknowledges and ignores us, he has started acting like he didn’t even hear us to begin with. I try to console myself by saying that it’s a phase and it will pass, but it keeps occurring to me that it will only be followed by more willful disobedience, up until he’s an adult and he’s responsible for himself.

And it occurred to me- the one thing that people always tell parents, especially during these early years, to make all the trials seem okay, is “It gets easier.”

I’ve decided that’s absolute bullshit. Parenting never gets easier and children don’t just turn into perfect angels at a certain period. It only gets easier because we, as parents, adapt. We get used to it. Slowly, we become better accustomed to handling fits and tears and blood and snot and meltdowns. It stops being a problem as we gain the tools to deal with it.

It never gets easier. We just become better parents.


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