It’s been a Week…

…And it’s only Wednesday. All in all I can’t complain, and I’m still pretty happy, but it’s been eventful. The Trex and I had a big weekend and Monday, we turned right around to take the work truck back up north, 2 hours out of Sacramento, for a job. In the rush to get going and get the child placated, I did something that later made my heart stop.

I forgot to strap him in. He was in his seat but I took a peak back at the stop light and he was sitting up, saying “Hi, Dozer!” to the construction equipment. Adorable, yes. Safe, no. Instead of panic, however, I decided to hit the next overpass before I pulled over.

I know that it sounds absolutely horrible, forgetting to strap your kid in a car seat but really, it’s not huge. We’d only gone a few miles, 99.99% of the time he was buckled in, and this was an outlier incident. Plus, the mere fact that all kids are in carseats is an improvement over even when I was growing up. It was scary but not the end of the world.

Then an old woman ran the stop light. I was turning the corner, going maybe 10 MPH, and she blew past me at 70. It was weird, it was over before I knew what had happened, and it still scared me to tears. After I’d pulled over to strap T in, I just sat and had to compose myself to keep going. She didn’t hit us, but it figures that the one day I fucked up strapping the kid in, we’d almost get into an accident.

The kicker is that the reason there are dozers to be greeted is that too many people ran the red lights. In the span of the last 12 months, 2-3 people at least have died in that very intersection (It’s a stoplight on a FREEWAY, for fuck’s sake) so they’re finally building an overpass. For the very reason we were almost T-boned at 70.

So that was Monday. It was made up of a 4 hour round-trip with a toddler. Tuesday, we were heading out and my breaks didn’t sound right, so we took the car in to the shop instead. When I finally got in touch with them, they told me it was going to be a $1400 repair bill. Not to mention that they ordered the wrong parts (third vehicle of ours they’ve done this to) so they’ll have the family car until Friday now.

And today was spent cleaning my office from the painting mayhem. I’ll post later to explain what I did in there, but it’s fantastic. The week has me absolutely wiped out, though. I have a whole list of meaningful posts that aren’t just bitching like this one, but fuck if I have the brain to write them right now.

The thing is, though, in the face of all this: it hasn’t been a shitty week. All in all, I’m pretty fortunate. We didn’t get hit. I can afford the repair bill, even if it hurts. I can fix the little things that have gone wrong this week. And that’s pretty all right. A lot of awesome people have stepped up to help me with something. I have kick-ass plans and an awesome summer coming up.

Plus, I bought a laptop to write on so I can work in the house. How fucking cool is that?

Anyway, enough rambling. Hope you’re happy in your week, too.


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