Budgeting for Cons

If you ask my husband, I’m a notorious tight-ass with money. I don’t nickle and dime everything and I don’t haggle, but I stress constantly about spending money.

Cons can be a major stress point for me. It seems like by the time you pay for your hotel room, badge, food and buy swag, you could have finally taken that relaxing beach vacation instead of coming home exhausted and cranky. By the same token, cons are exhilarating and a blast. You get to hang out with people that you only ever see during cons. Cons are where you can wholly indulge in what you love, with other people who love it, and just purely geek out for a few days with like-minded folks. There’s parties and good times and friends; I love my favorite cons.

I’m looking at going to SoDakCon . I’m not particularly in to anime, but my good friend EmEfferson is going to be a con guest. He’s there to talk about a kick-ass game that he made, as well as to do an episode of Freddy’s Fan Fiction. Another friend, Matty G, will be there as well and has offered me a place to stay (fuck yeah, no motel expense!). I want to be there so badly. It’s so cool that my friends are making stuff and getting involved in events like these. This is a chance for me to both support EmEfferson and hangout with them and other cool people.

With MG offering a room, that cuts down on costs dramatically. All I need to budget is a plane ticket, food and any other purchases. The thing is, we can afford it right now. It wouldn’t be a stress at all for me to make the trip, so I’m not sure why I haven’t bought my plane ticket. Stubbornness, most likely. All in all, I’m going because I really want to go (and that’s saying a lot-I don’t like a lot of cons and I avoid most). But it has me thinking about how much you commit to doing events like cons and such?

How do you make the decision? What factors do you consider? How many cons do you go to, if any?


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