On complaining

I’ll make this short, as my head is pounding and I need to go pass out:

Check your mouth. Read your twitter stream, your facebook posts, your G+ account. Think about how you sound, how your original words make you look. If the majority of what comes out of you is complaining and bitching about how hard every little damn thing in your life is, about how disadvantaged you are, about how you’re getting screwed-we can’t be friends.

I’m sorry, but I’m not really.

You’re poisonous. I can’t fix you and nobody can help you because you don’t want help. You want sympathy and someone to complain to. Since I can’t fix you, I have to do what’s best for me-cut you out entirely. Honestly, I can’t take it, it’s the #1 reason I un-follow/un-friend/un-plus people on social media. I know too many people with 100% legitimate reasons to complain, but they all manage to keep their shit together and work toward improving things instead of bitching day in and day out.

But there’s this subset of people on the internet (and real life) who need to be a victim and who seem to thrive on being miserable. They’re not working to make things better, or looking for answers, they’re just spewing bile into the void, day in and day out.

It’s like complaining is a disease you choose to get, and the more you do it, the deeper the disease gets in to you. A psychologist in college once explained it as an addiction-it feels good to complain. It feels great to whine and piss and moan about everyone and their idiotic decisions and actions. The more a person does it, the better they feel, and that becomes their norm. In that way, it’s almost like having sex with someone with an STD. It feels so damn good while you’re doing it but once you’re done, you realize nobody wants anything to do with you anymore.

There’s a lot of people who do this who actually aren’t miserable people in real life, too. But I don’t know you in real life most of the time. So if all I get from you is whining, I may as well go talk to Trex instead; his are the whines and tears I care about. I don’t need you bringing me down.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand bad days, rants, and random complaints. Everybody has shitty days and shitty weeks, I get it. But if you look deeper than that and every week is the worst, ever, for you? You might need to make a few changes.


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