Talking Shit

I know, I know, misleading title. But I want to get today’s post out of the way before I crash and get all angsty and sad again. 😉

I’ve mentioned it in passing here, but I’ve never detailed it. I host a show via Google Plus Hangouts On Air (that’s a mouthful) called Talking Shit with Dave and Earl. If you’re curious, all the audio is available for download on the Dave and Earl Libsyn page here, and the videos are available on my YouTube Channel.

Start with the latest episode if you’d like. I’m working out some kinks in the show’s features and that one worked really well. They all stand alone, so pick up at whichever one looks good. However, last episode had my Bowie face:


Ahem. I’m off topic.


I bought Chuck Wendig’s latest book, Unclean Spirits (Gods and Monsters? Whatever). When Amazon shipped it, they charged me for two (at different prices), and sent two:


I tried reading in 3D, but my arms got tired holding both up. I could build some abomination to hold the books for me and continue my futile attempt to split my brain between both eyes, but fuck it. I have a show. I have a blog. I’ll give a copy away!


  • To enter, submit picture(s) of you loving your favorite book(s). Whatever that means to you, be it a romantic dinner for you and your book, a nice shot by the fire, you sleeping in the wet spot, whips and…I’m going to far, aren’t I? NO HOLDS BARRED! Well, except pictures of your naughty bits. If I get a dick pic from any of you, I will make it public. You’ve been warned. Other than that, take liberties with the contest (not literally) and with your book (…maybe literally, your call)
  • Bonus points if you’re in the shot, but I know not everyone has a spouse like mine who just smiles, nods, and does what I ask, even if it’s taking pictures of me humping books. Too far again? Anyway, the book(s) have to be in the shot, you are optional.
  • Send them to govneh (at) gmail (dot) com. Nothing prohibits you from shaming yourself on the internet forever sharing them on your favorite social media site as well.
  • North American only please (amended from US only, please play, Canadian friends!). I ship a lot (books, cookies, children, macaroni death threats on canvas) and all out of pocket, so I’m trying to keep things cheap enough that my husband lets me continue doing things like this
  • Contest Ends Thursday, May 30th at Noon, PST. Since I broadcast Thursdays, I’ll probably announce the winner on Talking Shit and email them after the show, followed by a blog update with the winner and my three favorite runner-ups.

Any questions? Have fun! Go crazy! (Don’t) get arrested!


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