GUYS! GUYS! GUYS! …Calm down.

Yesterday, I said something along the lines of, “Just got exciting news, I’ll announce it tomorrow!” Well, apparently making people wait for the news makes it seem more important than it is. My thought process, however, was, “Hey, I blog every day. I won’t even have to try for this one!” So…sorry if the real news is less than you were expecting. Also, I’m not expecting. Just sayin’.

Over-inflation of the actual news doesn’t reduce how excited I am about it, though. I received an email yesterday from Brian over at Fireside Magazine, and they accepted my short story! Not everything has been finalized yet but still-Fuck yeah!

This story amuses me. I wrote it based on a stupid thought I tweeted from a playground. Jackson Tegu told me there was a story to be told there, and I made him promise to read it if I wrote it. He says it freaked him out a bit, and that makes me proud. Brian even included a note in the acceptance email about it being creepy, so I guess I did alright with this one.

I’ll post an update when everything gets finalized and I know when it will come out. For now, though- WOOHOO!

Thanks everybody. ❤


4 thoughts on “GUYS! GUYS! GUYS! …Calm down.

  1. That’s awesome!!! That’s huge news!!! And that means I’ll get to read it cuz I backed that kickstarter for Fireside Magazine! Wahoo!!
    *getting ready to be creeped out*

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