Gods and Monsters Contest Winners!

So the show I was supposed to announce the winners during got royally fuxxored. Instead of being at home with my equipment, I was two hours north and trying to make a go of it on borrowed computers. After three different machines, I was finally able to at least be on EmEfferson’s show, Freddy’s Fan Fiction, but I had to cancel mine.

Fast forward to the next night. I rounded up a new bevy of guests and went for it again. Now, I showed almost all the pictures on the show. Not because I got anything bad, but because I fucked up and missed one.

So, we narrowed the shots down the one from Krista:


And one from Dany:

Picture 002

But we couldn’t pick just one. So fuck it, everybody gets books!

The part I messed up though was with another pic. Chris, who is a lovely person who supports the show and everything I do (<3) sent me this awesome shot:


Which I absolutely love. Due to everything going pear shaped, though, I totally mislabeled it, and it didn’t wind up in the right spot. So when I opened all the images for the show…I forgot this one.

So, Chris, because you are a lovely human and you were so excited for it all, I’m sending you a copy as well.

Now, that leaves me the matter of this shot:


I almost died when this one showed up. So here’s what I’m willing to do, Wulfie: I won’t send you a Chuck book. The rules were book romancery and frankly, you got like an F+. But, for making me laugh, if you’d like it, I have the first trade of Warren Ellis’s FreakAngels that can be yours, all yours. Email me your address, you violent beast.

Congrats to the winners, and thank you all for participating!


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