Mountain Madness, part 2

Back I went up the mountain today. It’s 10:20 as I type this. I just got settled into the hotel, and I have a job in 90 minutes. I need to leave the mountain by 6 or 7 AM. You do the math-There is not enough coffee in the world for this shit. HOWEVER…

I kept another journal for y’all on my way up the mountain once I dropped out of cell reception. Enjoy!

8:44 PM I can’t believe they let the brown oreo cows and the black oreo cows graze together.

8:46 That last entry was vaguely racists, but about cows.

8: 48 Putting an old iPod on all-song shuffle is like an adventure; a veritable tour of years of poor musical taste.

8:49 With fast enough internet, I could live up here. As long as I didn’t have to talk to anyone. I’m afraid that’s the closest I’ll ever get to being Spider Jerusalem.

8:51 I’m a little worried that the hotel will close before I can get there. That’s a legitimate concern up here.

8:53 It’s 40 degrees cooler here than where I was 2 hours ago in the valley, at 104* F. My body is panicking.

8:54 I saw antelope! Technically gazelle, but no one likes a know-it all prick. God I hope I don’t hit a deer. Maybe a baby one would be okay. Smaller dent and all that.

8:55 I think I’m going to start responding to all comments about how nice a sunset is with, “I mean, it’s all right, but I’ve definitely seen better. And that little bit over there? That’s kind of ugly.”

9:03 I just got stuck behind a semi, three tractors, and a semi pretending to be a tractor. Don’t ask.

9:06 I’m more than a little disturbed by all the Let’s Play Crucifixion! cross get-ups I’ve passed.

9:17 I’m desperately waving at cars again, in case I die.

9:23 Whose bright idea was it to put the only fucking rest area at the bottom of the mountain, at the start of the highway? Nobody has to pee yet. Assholes.

9:25 The hotel just called to ask how far away I was. They want to close for the night. Told ya.

9:29 I’ve only seen one deer. That worries me. I’m afraid they’re saving it up to all get me at once.

10:02 Spotted the Gideon bible in the room. My first thought is always, “Hey! Free bible!” I’m not religious, I just like taking things.


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