Craigslist Communication

I have a hard time letting potentially useful stuff go to waste, so I list it for free on craigslist. Couches, gun safe, rocks, bathtub, building materials, books,whatever-I throw it up there and hope somebody can use it.

And I always regret it.

I woke up to 30 emails this morning, most of which are rude, unintelligible, demanding, guilt-trippy, or some combination of all three. I don’t expect everyone to be able to write flawlessly, but these people hurt my brain. And demanding my address? I don’t think so, thank you, I’ll wait for somebody else.

So I pulled out my favorite little gems to remind myself, in the future, to just let the junk haulers take everything. All punctuation or lack of is theirs:

  • If you still have, We are interested. Let me know , and time and place that is best to pick up
  • (7:45) Are these items still available im in rio linda? (7:55) Are the free items still available? (And 7:57, emphasis theirs) Still available?
  • hey i would like to have some tin please let me know
  • Like to take your galvanized sheets and possibly bathtub so what’s the exact address else have a blessing day…
  • (the name on the email was “Victoria”. Also, is “I’d like to give you The Wood” an inappropriate response?) hi , i sure would like to have the wood. i will be out in rio linda tomarrow .names mac
  • Hello I’m interested in the bathtub and tin that u have on craigslist. Please let me know so I can come load it up and haul it off..?.. Thanx ..Dave
  • Hi my name is Julie and I am interested in your bathtub and tin and plywood please give let me know if it is still available I can come tomorrow morning to pick it up thanks
  • I’m very interested in the wood sheets I can pick them up tomorrow please call text or email when I could pick them up at your convenience thank you 5**-***6 my name is Ben
  • (I emailed her “It’s gone,but thank you”) Your welcome
  • (12:11 AM)  I am interested in your bathtub.  Please email or call my cell phone.  My number is XXX.  Thank you so much for your time.  I will be volunteering at a food locker tomorrow (Wed.) till about 3:00 or 4:00pm.  You can call anytime.  Thank you again.  I’m really interested in your bathtub. (12:21 AM)  Sorry to bother you again.  I emailed you about your bathtub my name is Joann.  My son can pick it up anytime tomorrow (Wed).  My cell # is XXX his name is Charles and his cell # is XXX.  Thank you so very much again.  Again sorry to bother you with another email.  I want to use the tub as a flower bed!!!!  God Bless!!!!
  • hi .mi name is nick .i entrestin mor information in matereal col me
  • name is nick .col me if you stel hav matereal  thaks.

I know they don’t seem that bad, but it’s weird  communicating with complete strangers this way. Also, I’ve found that people get to feeling like they personally deserve your free garbage. I’ve even had people try to bribe me to let them come pick stuff up first. I’ve had people demand I pick them over the other million emails I get.

Remember, I’m giving people my home address, where I live with my family. That’s a slightly dangerous prospect. It’s why I am so picky who I finally give shit away to. Right now, I’m home alone with Trex. If you answer my email of “When would you like to come pick up ‘x’?” with “WHAT IS YOUR EXACT ADDRESS”, you’re out, sorry. Creepy and no.

It’s petty, I get that. But if someone is looking to give you something, for free, at their house, it might be in your best interest to use punctuation, be kind, and make their life easy. I had a couple emails from people offering to “help me out” by taking the stuff, but only if I would haul it to their vehicle for them. Ha. Did I mention I got 30 emails in the five hours I slept? One of those people will carry the shit themselves, say Thank you, and leave. 

Ugh. Sorry. Ranty post. God damn, craigslist people…

Also, just a little tip: I’ve never given anything, ever to anybody who has blessed me in an email. Just sayin’


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