Shitty Poetry

I wasn’t kidding. I’ve been writing shitty poetry instead of dealing with all the shit I have going on. 


Sound grows sharper in the bite of cold
Ask the footsteps as they crunch crisp snow
But you asked nothing and nothing you told
As I bore you in my arms

The unique nature of snowflakes is lost en masse
Too many to appreciate any as they pass
But I could see them all as you breathed your last
I never meant you harm

The ice, thick now, will melt in spring
Winter’s harsh innocence slips to spring’s gain
The town will mourn your resurfacing
But you’ll finally be warm again


The shadow cats
Tread forth and back
Across the garden soil
I never knew
Just what it was
That drove them in their toil

A mouse, a rat
A shrieking bat
A match for feline true
But Shadow cats
Have none of that
No mortal prey will do

Goblins deep
And fast asleep,
Unwary of the stalk
The gnomes and fae
All stay away
They know which ground to walk

But nightly sure
They seek their lure
They prowl, eyes glinting red
I dare not breathe
I daren’t leave
Lest to me they be led

For years I strayed
And stayed away
Forgetful of the cats
Now home once more
And at the door
They’re welcoming me back


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