Valentine’s Day Is Coming!

Some poetry to jump start the romance

Roses are red
Violets are blue
It’s Valentine’s Day
And he’s going to riddle you with arrows for being a miserable cunt.

Ever soft you sleep my love
And whilst I’m standing near
You breathe the softest little sigh
A whisper to my ear
The moonlight paints your skin so pale
A porcelain China doll
It glints so harsh against the knife
I daren’t breath at all.
I’ve loved for a thousand years
Tomorrow I’ll love you yet
We’ve built a house, a life, a love
I never shall forget
This love is strong and growing still
It fills me till it pains
I fear I shan’t take any more
This toll to pay again
I’ll make it quick, I’ll make it soft
And once I’ve set you free
I’ll eat your heart, I’ll eat your love
You’ll be part of me.

Roses are Red
Posies are Blue
I hope that Saint Valentine
Casts a plague upon you

Dearest Sweet
I’ve brought you a treat
A toy for us to share
In this sack
A wee bitty snack
And neither parent shall care.
I’ve paid them well
Your heart will swell
When you see this little boy blue
Juicy and clean
Not scraggly and mean
For you, the finest shall do
It’s Valentine’s Day
To him we pray
And thank him for this food
We’ll roast him real quick
Eat him right off the stick
And then I’ll shag you right good.

Roses are various colors.
The sky is assortments of grey.
Nothing in this life is forever,
Fuck off and die.

Dearest Love,
I’m glad I found you
You make my life complete
Every day you grow more beautiful
Can I have a blow job now please?

Roses…fuck those.
And violets are worse
I skipped the card
And brought you a hearse.

I’ll miss you, my sweet
I’ll cry every night
My life incomplete
Never tucked in just right
My days will be empty
My nights filled with tears
The bottle be tempting
To drown out my fears
My heart will be true
While eyes dampen my sleeve
But it’s hard to miss you
If you won’t fucking leave.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I’m lonely today
So I’ll hatefuck you.


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