Cement Shoe Network Presents: Meet the Neighbors

I’ve had a project I’ve wanted to launch for a while and I’m getting the feeling that Now Is The Time. Although the network is going through some hiccups, I still see a great future for it once everybody’s lives get evened out.

But in the meantime may I introduce to you the latest addition to the Cement Shoe Podcast Network: Meet the Neighbors!

Meet the Neighbors will be a show wherein myself and the other Cement Shoe hosts read letters written to the world, submitted by anybody and everybody. We all have things we’d like to tell the world and the world is notoriously bad at listening. Not everybody has a platform or a voice and, although small, I want Cement Shoe to make one available for people who wish to participate.

How much listening do you do? Do you ever take time to stop and wonder what somebody else’s shoes would feel like, or what obstacles they face in the mile you can’t walk? We are short-sighted, blinded by our own trials, convinced that how we feel and what we believe is the right way, the only way. Often we bypass compassion and empathy and head straight to judgement, never taking the time to listen or understand others, never getting to know people before we just excuse them as wrong. I think it’s time to change that.

I think it’s time to Meet the Neighbors.


What can you submit to Meet the Neighbors?

Anything. Political, personal, religious, joyful and painful. This is a project where you write what you want to tell the world, and we’ll make sure it gets out there.

What can’t I submit to Meet the Neighbors?

I do have a to draw a line. Personal attacks, racist/bigoted/mean-hearted rants, or anything that would be cruel or bullying to a person or group of people. You may cry foul at a person or group, but I can’t make this about hurting people. I’m going to be pretty lax but I reserve the right to draw the line if I get uncomfortable with a submission.

Where do I submit?

Send all letters  or questions to govneh (at) gmail dot com. Sorry, I’d just throw the address up there, but spam scum. Also, if anonymity is your thing, you can hit me up on twitter (@_TheRussian)  or through email for a P.O. Box.

Do I have to include my name?

No! Yes! Whatever you want. You’re worried about having your name associated with your letter? Let us know, or don’t include it at all. I’ll do my best to check before we record or air to find out what your preference is.

Why isn’t this on the Cement Shoe Site? Where’s Dave and Earl? Why do you hate us?

The Cement Shoe site is built. Talking Shit with Dave and Earl is on hiatus. I don’t hate you, but my life is a bit out of control right now. I’m hoping to be home and back on track in a couple months.

Other than than, let me know if you have any questions. Can’t wait to start introducing you to the rest of the world.


One thought on “Cement Shoe Network Presents: Meet the Neighbors

  1. Reblogged this on Something's Brewing and commented:
    This is something that has been brewing for a while, and I’m glad to see that it has finally hatched. (mixed metaphor, anyone?)

    Anyway, you need to get your story / idea / burning pile of words to the lovely Govneh. She’ll make sure your voice is heard!

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