He Banned Muslims on Remembrance Day

I’ve got a million opinions

Thinking I should pen this but

Every other person is

This world is too big to make a difference

Or is it

How many hands do we need to join

Just to fight the world being destroyed

Enjoyment is for people with other choices

I’m choiceless

Unless I choose to go voiceless

Then the culpability is on me

Watching brothers and sisters dependent on me

Speaking up in this time of crisis

The president’s price is

Too high to pay

He banned Muslims on Remembrance Day

When history looks back on us, for shame

He banned Muslims on Remembrance Day

Fear is now the driver

Fucking with survivors

Of atrocities too great to withstand already

Now banned from our land by a man

With too big of ego

And too small of hand

Fear and hatred guide that hand

To put down on paper what we were taught to plan

To fight

To never forget

And yet here we are

Ten days too far gone into

Too great a hatred to withstand

We need to take a stand

Before it happens again

And again and again

Love and open arms

To mitigate the harm

These divisions form

And if not love

Rise up with your fists.

We can’t sit still through this

And hope he doesn’t come for us

For what is done to the Other

In our silence

Is done as much to our sisters and brothers

And eventually, to us.

No matter how you vote

No matter what you sought

To gain

It’s happening again

Pick which side of history

On which you want written your name

Where you’ll stand

And where you’ll stay

And never forget

He banned Muslims on Remembrance Day


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